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"Our mission is about helping parrots but it's also about people
and creating community."

Rocky Mountain Parrot is a Colorado-based foster home
network for parrots. 

Companion parrots are intelligent and complex social creatures that still retain the instincts and behaviors of their wild counterparts. By understanding their intrinsic nature, we can provide positive interaction, nutrition, activity, and engaging opportunities for foraging and play, whereby promoting physical and emotional health.

By researching and understanding the wild parrot, and offering that information to the public, we also hope to promote an interest in the conservation efforts of wild and naturalized parrots.

Building relationships and creating community is part of our core values. We believe working cooperatively, with other ethical individuals and organizations, is the only way to create good and lasting change, for the benefit of the parrots, both in our homes and in the wild.


We give displaced 
companion parrots a safe place to land and help provide a smooth transition to their next home. 



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Rocky Mountain Parrot is a 501(c)(3), volunteer run, foster-home network, dedicated to providing exceptional care for displaced parrots until a loving and vetted home is found. Because we are all unpaid volunteers, your donated dollars go directly to helping parrots in need. 
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